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We Offer Real Value of Buying and Selling Your Used Cars With Competitive Prices & Models

India’s used car market is leading the way as it develops and expands at the same time, and car’s India True Value is at the frontline of it. Our primary and sole motive is to empower and support both used car buyers and sellers, by a methodical blending of technology and sector knowledge.

About True Value

Our brand, one of the most significant organized players in the market, has grown its network all over Chennai.

We provide the best Maruti Suzuki pre-owned cars for buyers and sellers in the Chennai city, by meeting customers’ various needs.

We have grown in both size and stature to become one of the best sources for pre-owned vehicles.

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    As the leading Maruti Suzuki dealer in Chennai, TN, we are confident that we will save you time and money. Our facilities include 5 Maruti Arena Showrooms, 7 Workshops, 6 Bodyshops and 7 Maruti Suzuki Driving Schools.
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