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A car is a utility and not a luxury. Thus, it is important to ensure that your car receives the care it truly deserves. Drive in your car at our Cars India facility and when you drive it out you are sure to experience the sheer joy of experiencing a vehicle that delivers high performance. Now is the time to schedule car or truck maintenance service courtesy our team of experienced experts at Cars India. We perform maintenance and reparse work under one roof and deliver your vehicle on time every time.

Benefits Of Learning With Us

Safe Driving

Don’t just learn to drive, but to drive safe with expert trainers

Driving Simulator

Get an on-road driving experience with advanced simulators

Personalised Courses

Customise courses keeping your needs and strengths in mind

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      As the leading Maruti Suzuki dealer in Chennai, TN, we are confident that we will save you time and money. Our facilities include 5 Maruti Arena Showrooms, 7 Workshops, 6 Bodyshops and 7 Maruti Suzuki Driving Schools.
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